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  • Russian Army VKBO summer suit
  • MAG-3 mask is intended to be used as the front part to the Civil PSM filter masks BK BK SCREEN and SCREEN FHI. Included RPE MAG-3 mask supplies clean air to the respiratory organs and simultaneous face and eye protection against harmful substances.
  • Russian gas mask PPM-88 only mask(Filter sold separately)
  • Russian gas mask PPM-88 only mask(Filter sold separately)
  • Gas filter A1 for PPM-88 purifying contaminated air from organic vapors having a boiling point above 65 ° C (e.g., benzene, xylene, toluene, gasoline, kerosene, halide, nitro benzene and its homologues, ethers, alcohols, ketones, aniline, tetraethyl , phosphorus and organochlorine pesticides).
  • Gas Filter K1 is designed to clean the polluted air from the fumes of ammonia and amines.
  • Backpack army raid RR Prospect of Zaratkul. Supplied military equipment 6B38 Volume 60 + 20 liters. Have lower input and baffle inside. Detachable top flap, side shot, fastening system Molle-lines. In the back of the inserted two metal strips. Comes with two cover, white and olive (in it he can swim, buoyancy up to 30 kg) .
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