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Military Dog Tags with you text embossed - Stainless Steel with silencer


Categories: Dog tag

Tags: dog-tag, military dog tag, embossed dog tag

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Embossed military dog tags

Currently, the procedure for completing the US Army medal was the following:

  1. first row - name,
  2. the second - the name and initials,
  3. third - social security number,
  4. fourth - blood group and Rh factor,
  5. fifth - religion.

It specifies only a positive Rh factor (POS).

Worship: Orthodox (Orthodox), Protestant (Protestant), Baptist (Baptist), Catholic (Catholic), Hebrew (Jewish), No preference (no preference), Atheist (Atheist).

Standard kit includes:

  • 2 stainless steel badge (with a stamping your data);
  • 2 bumper (two rubber rim-silencer);
  • 2 chains - long (76 cm) and short (14 cm).

This may need a badge in peacetime?

- Extreme hobbies (cars, bikes, hunting).

Badge useful to doctors ambulance!

- Airsoft and paintball.

- A gift of the second half with any inscription

- Corporate identity for employees or groups of travelers

- Badge can be attached to bags, backpacks or belt of jeans as a fashion accessory.

- Tag your luggage.

- Badge can be hung on a pet, specify the address and telephone number.

* Text is obtained by applying one volume, on the other hand dent not be erased and will not be damaged even after a long time use. Text can beat absolutely any content as the original army, and arbitrary detention. Badges made of Monel (refractory stainless metal).


Condition new
Weight 25 g


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