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Russian original trouser Gorka-6 SPLAV

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Tarpaulin pants with synthetic reinforcements. Structurally, they are the further development of the models "Gorka 3" and "Gorka 5". It is recommended to use for outdoor activities in the field, as well as demi-season field clothing mountain rifle units. Pants provides high wear resistance, protection from wind and rain.

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All fasteners on comfortable American-shaped lens-shaped buttons

All main seams - stitching with a chain stitch. The loaded places are reinforced with zigzag clips

The seat is reinforced with linings made of synthetic fabric.

Strengthening knees lining of synthetic fabric. Inside the special velcro fastener compartments, the supplied molded foam polyethylene inserts are installed, it is also possible to install shock-absorbing D3O knee pads (sold separately!)

Wide loops on the belt. The belt is fastened with a button, and is pulled down by a built-in wide elastic band and an adjustable flat cord pulled out

Button fly

The set includes removable suspenders made of 40 mm elastic, with height-adjustable velcro fastening on the sides of the belt. You can unfasten the suspenders from the pants directly on yourself without removing the jacket

The bottom of the trousers and the calf area are tightened with built-in unregulated 20 mm elastic bands. The inside of a bottom of trousers is strengthened by slips from synthetic fabric.

Inside anthers are sewn from a thin mixed fabric. Flat seams of the minimum thickness are used, and the vertical seam is only one (front). This ensures comfort when refueling anthers in high-top boots. At the bottom of the stitches sewn from 20 mm gum


Side cutting pockets with an entrance covered with a level
Capacious cargo pockets with a bend inlet that protects small contents from falling out. Fasten with two buttons on the supad valve. For easy access, pockets are slightly biased forward and tilted.
One back pocket per button

The main fabric is a tarpaulin (100% cotton), the density is 280 g / m2, water-repellent impregnation, the material has a high resistance to fading and abrasion, pre-shrinkage is made
Strengthening - 100% polyester rip-stop, density 194 g / m2, water-repellent impregnation
Lining - thin blended fabric (35% cotton, 65% polyester), density 120 g / m2

Attention! Before washing, remove the protective inserts from the knee extensions. Do not wash the protective inserts in the washing machine. At washing in the washing machine of products from tarpaulin the appearance of traces of wear is possible

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