About Us

RusArmyShop is a more than 5 years company, based in Russia. Our retail customers are come from worldwide. We sell Russian army surplus warehouse and goods for airsoft, paintball. Also available products for civil defense, protection of nuclear and chemical contamination.

If you prefer ebay: our shop on ebay but I want to warn, the price in the store on ebay a little higher than the price in our store rusarmysop.com, due to the fact that ebay takes an additional commission from the seller.

You can read our news and ask me questions in our official group on Facebook.

Name of company:

Open Company "Jump"


Busines address: city of Kazan, st. Gavrilova 2, 64

г. Казань, ул. Гаврилова 2, 64

Actual address: city of Kazan, Yamasheve 38,  office 132

г. Казань, ул. Ямашева 38, офис 132

ОГРН 1101690012533

mail: admin@rusarmyshop.com

tel. +7(843)-247-60-50

We sell both original and replicated Russian military surplus;

- Russian gas mask: GP-21, PPM-88, MAG, and other;

- Russian body armor: 6b23, 6b43, 6b15 and other;

- Military clothing and camouflage: VKBO suit, BTK-Group;

- Russian army T-shirt "Telnyashka" and digital t-shirt;