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Due to the coronavirus epidemic, and due to the multiply increased number of orders in our store, we want to warn buyers about possible delays in sending orders. This mainly applies to filters for gas masks.

We expect the arrival of a large number of filters FILTER A1P1D FOR PPM-88
This is a much better version of the FILTER A1. I think the deficit will be defeated soon.

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This family of RNA viruses typically causes mild respiratory infections. They can infect various species of animals, including humans. The range of species is very wide and includes, in addition to humans, bats, dogs, pigs, cats, camels and many others. They have a specific structure of the outer shell resembling the solar corona, which is why they got their name.
They would be especially unremarkable if not for the heavy varieties of MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV.


Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) was first reported in China in 2002. The causative agent was SARS-CoV coronavirus. I must say that viruses can have large differences in the context of the fate of the host cell. Part of the viruses during reproduction minimally injures the host cell and leaves it alive. Part - leaves on Wednesday only after the destruction of the cytoplasm of the eukaryotic cell. SARS-CoV belonged exactly to the species that destroys the carrier during reproduction, which led to the destruction of pulmonary alveoli cells during the acute period of the disease.

After incubation for 2-10 days, the disease began as a mild runny nose and typical SARS. Further development proceeded according to the following scenario:
stage of primary flu-like infection (lasts 2-3 days), the condition of the patient is moderate
stage of immunodeficiency (a sharp decrease in immunity, a critical drop in the number of lymphocytes, worsening of the condition of patients, lasts 3-4 days)
stage of SARS, which develops against the background of a decrease in immunity and is accompanied by distress syndrome. Respiratory failure, pulmonary edema
terminal stage, accompanied by toxic shock with severe organ failure

Mortality and epidemiology

The course is generally favorable. 90% of patients recovered without any serious consequences on the 6-7th day. This is the approximate time required to develop antibodies to any unfamiliar antigen.
In the remaining group, the virus caused a severe acute respiratory syndrome, the mortality rate of which was 6-15%, while the distribution was uneven. In patients older than 50 years, mortality reached 50%. Patients needed mechanical ventilation, additional oxygen to compensate for acute pulmonary failure.

A total of 8437 cases of the disease were recorded, of which 813 were fatal.


The even more unpleasant MERS-CoV virus that caused the Middle East respiratory syndrome is zoonosis, that is, animals are the reservoir of the disease. The primary carriers, apparently, are bats and, possibly, camels. From person to person, he was transmitted with great difficulty, only with close contact. The clinic is very similar to SARS, but has a more aggressive course and greater mortality.

Epidemiology and Mortality

A relatively favorable epidemiological factor was the low contagiousness of this coronavirus. Some researchers believe that the majority of patients are not infected from other people, but from sick animals.

According to various sources, the mortality rate among infected people is from 27% to 40%. A total of 1,154 confirmed cases were recorded and no less than 431 dead.


The 2019-nCoV outbreak, which began in Wuhan, is potentially one of the most significant dangers that humanity has faced. Coronaviruses of bats, in particular Asian horseshoe bats, are supposedly the initial reservoir. In this region of China, bats are eaten, which greatly increases the risks of interspecific transfer in case of mutation.

Which is very disturbing

It is already possible to draw certain primary conclusions on this disease. The incubation period depends on the source of the virus. When infected from an animal, it is 6-12 days. When infected from humans - no more than 5 days. There are fears that the carrier is contagious in the asymptomatic period when thermal monitoring methods at airports and train stations are useless. It can be assumed that after recruiting the primary pool of null patients, the infection factor from animals will play a small role in the spread of the epidemic.

Contagiousness, R0

The virus can be transmitted from person to person and is highly contagious, which radically distinguishes it from previous SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV. There is such an indicator as basic reproduction number - R0. It shows how many people manage to infect the patient during the period of the disease. If the number is less than 1, then the epidemic goes out by itself. If more, it determines the rate of rise of the epidemic and the possibility of a pandemic. For measles, for example, this is 12-18. It is practically enough to look at the patient from afar to become infected. Rubella has something similar. Normal flu has an R0 in the region of 2-3.

The latest 2019-nCoV data suggests a range of 3.3 (95% CI: 2.73-3.96) - 5.47 (95% CI: 4.16-7.10). Significantly more than the flu. In general, this is confirmed by the growth rate of patients.

The clinic is very similar to SARS / MERS. Initially, a flu-like condition, cough, fever. Then a sharp deterioration in the condition and the appearance of breathing problems on the 8-9th day with the development of acute respiratory syndrome. The virus causes very severe pneumonia, destroying the cells of the pulmonary alveoli. There are risks of bacterial infection.


Standard. Wash our hands, avoid crowded places such as the subway. We are not suitable for anyone who coughs.

Conventional masks are ineffective. Masks with a class of at least N95 with a HEPA filter are required. There are risks of infection through open eyes and the conjunctiva. That is why conventional masks are ineffective because they do not provide eye protection.

Can a regular mask protect against a virus?

Some viruses spread when an infected person sneezes or coughs and small infected droplets fall into the air that a healthy person can breathe. Also, the virus can be picked up if you touch the infected surface with your hands and then touch the face.

The BBC quotes Dr. David Carrington of the University of London: "Surgical masks do not protect against viruses or bacteria that are transmitted by airborne droplets." This is due to the fact that the usual mask is too loose on the face and does not have an air filter. In this case, the eyes, through which the mucous membrane can also be infected, remain unprotected (it is proved, for example, that the influenza virus can enter the body when it enters the eye membrane, and then through the nasolacrimal channels to the nasal mucosa). In addition, medical masks leave the face of the face unprotected.

The decision to use a full face mask or gas mask protecting the face completely.

BUY Gasmask PPM-88

Which filter to use and what to do so that CoronaVirus 2019-nCoV is not infected

Remember. The main transmission of the virus occurs through coughing, sneezing, and even simple breathing. A person exhales the moist air that contains the virus. The main task of the filter is to let in moist air containing bacteria and viruses, and filter it out, all the rubbish just settles on the filter, at the exit you should get clean air ....

1. Minimum filter class that is required at least N95 with a HEPA filter are required. Almost any gas mask filter, especially the military and police filters, provide protection against gases, fumes, bacteriological weapons, and radioactive dust. These filters provide good protection against viruses, therefore they have a complex composition.
Examples of such filters
Filter for gasmask

I especially want to note the filter Filter PA-2002
This is a simple and inexpensive filter with a 40mm mount, compatible with 95% of all gas masks including ppm-88, this filter provides protection against small particles of dust, moist air containing infected particles. Its main advantage is it is collapsible, the internal contents can be pulled out, you can use your own filler, for example gauze soaked with an antiseptic ... This is ideal if you are away from civilization, if the situation with the epidemic is out of control and there is no way to buy and install a good filter, you just change the filler yourself. This may be your last chance not to get infected at hour X.

2. Remember to timely replace the gas mask filter.

3. Hygiene .... Hygiene and hygiene again.

Doctors remind that the rules of personal hygiene are much more effective than wearing a mask. And here are some recommendations for those who are afraid to catch a viral infection:

- do not touch your face with dirty hands;
- wash your hands thoroughly with soap (at least 20 seconds);
- lead a healthy lifestyle to strengthen your immunity.

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New model of the suit Gorka-1 by SPLAV

Gorka-1 made by SPLAV

,May 13, 2019 10:03

Traditionally, the beginning of May in Russia is a big weekend and holiday. First, it is the First May (Labor Day, Labor Day, Spring and Labor Day, International Workers' Day), a legacy of the USSR, according to the resolution of Vladimir Lenin, on this day Soviet citizens celebrated their “awakening to light and knowledge, their unification into one fraternal union to fight against all oppression, <...> for the socialist structure of society. "

Now, the majority of Russians in opinion polls admit that they perceive May 1 just as an additional day off, the beginning of the garden season.

Almost without a break, the Russians leave for the next holiday, May 9 ... Truly, the Great holiday, on a scale comparable to the celebration of the New Year ....

Victory Day is a celebration of the victory of the Red Army and the Soviet people over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Established by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR dated May 8, 1945 and celebrated on May 9 of each year. Since 1965, Victory Day is a non-working holiday.

Since our store is located in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, and not in Moscow, I will show some photos from the celebration in our city ...

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Combination headrest with two lower tightening straps or six-piece rubber cap, comfort and quickness of putting on
Molded low-profile mask body made of polymer, low weight and size parameters, perfect compatibility with all types of armored helmets
Flexible polymer sight glass ensures efficient use of optical devices and compact installation
Submass original design provides internal ventilation, reduces the effect of fogging
Compact exhalation unit provides high tightness, removal of perspiration
The body of the filtering and absorbing box of shock-resistant composite polymeric materials, no corrosion of the body, easy control during storage, prevents sparking, fire and explosion proof
Highly active catalysts, chemical absorbers and the design of filter-absorbing boxes, reliable protection from a wide range of chemical agents and hazardous substances, small weight and size indicators
Variants of gas masks: PMK-S with one FPK-7PB, or FPK-7PM, or two FPK-7PM, PMK-SV - with a device for receiving water and liquid food, located on the right, PMK-SV-1 - on the left. Version P - with a combined head-cap; Version P - with a rubber head-cap. Gas masks PMK-S, PMK-SV, PMK-SV-1 are designed to protect respiratory organs, eyes, face skin and the head of personnel from exposure to toxic substances (OM), radioactive dust (RP), biological aerosols (BA), toxic chemicals (TCV), vapors, gases and tear (irritant) substances. PMK-SPMK-SVPMK-SV-1

Filtering and absorbing box FPK-7PB provides protection against agents, BA, RP, TCW, including ammonia, vapors, gases and aerosols of tear (irritating) substances Filtering and absorbing box FPK-7PM provides protection against vapors and aerosols of tear (irritants) substances, as well as from other toxic chemicals with a small affecting dose, except ammonia.

Combination headband design with two lower tightening straps, or a six-sided rubber headband Combined headbandRubber headband

Low profile construction of cast polymer masks MS-12, MS-12B, MS-12B-1

  • PMK-S gasmask
  • Suit Gorka-1 better choise

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Vkbo kit includes the following 18 products:

1) Suit Summer VKBO

Composition: 65% cotton, 35% polyester.

Mosquito treatment.

Weight: 240 g / m².

Air permeability: 30 mm / s

Weight: 1239 g

The structure consists of a suit jacket and pants summer summer. Jacket with zip, windproof flap and stand-up collar. On the sleeves voluminous pockets with flaps, fastened with a hidden button. The second and third zone is reinforced high-strength fabric inserts. On the chest two patch pockets with flaps, fastened with hidden buttons. Bottom sleeves regulated patoy on textile zastezhke.Bryuki with a belt loop and fastens with a button. The front of the trousers with side pockets and bulky pockets with flaps on the side seams. Rear - with slotted pockets and flaps, fastened with a hidden button. The reinforcing inserts in the knee area and seat are made of high-strength fabric. The bottom of the pants and belt are controlled by a cotton lace.


Comfortable and functional summer suit. Due to higher content of cotton reached a high level of comfort. The special weave fabrics with the effect of "mechanical stretch" provides freedom of movement, cloth 'rip-stop' ensures durability and tear resistance. Mosquito treatment of the top layer of fabric costume preparation 'Permethrin' protects against insects. All the protective properties of the suit resistant to repeated washing.

2) The jacket, windbreaker VKBO

Composition: 98% polyamide, 2% elastane

Weight: 453 grams

Jacket with zipper on Two-way zipper and stand-up collar. Spacious Mortice side zip pockets. Hem adjusted with an elastic cord and clamps.


The jacket is made of fabric with water-repellent finish. Effectively protects against wind, sand and water droplets dries quickly. Thanks to a convenient and roomy pockets with ventilation function is regulated indoor climate.

3) Vest insulated VKBO

Composition: 100% PA, windproof membrane is waterproof PTFE insulation Primaloft 200 g / m2

Waterproof: 5000 mm water.st.

Weight: 566 grams

Vest lined with fleece collar, windproof inner strap is fastened on the secret key. Front patch pockets on the right pocket an additional welt pockets with zip.

Two internal pockets - one with zip fastener, the second - the volume, drawstring cord. According to the waist line volume adjustment with elastic cord with a clamp.


Functional, lightweight and compact vest is made of breathable fabric with windproof membrane. It can be used as an additional layer to insulate.

4) Suit Demiseason VKBO (soft shell)

Composition: 98% polyamide, 2% spandex, with silicone encapsulation

Weight: 1308 g

The structure consists of a suit jacket and pants demi demi. Jacket with hood, zip with wind-guard flap and stand-up collar. The ulnar insertion zone of the high-strength fabric, pockets fastened with hidden buttons. Bottom sleeves regulated patoy on hook and loop fastener. Hem adjusted with an elastic cord and fiksatorov.Bryuki with detachable suspenders, side pockets and bulky pockets with flaps. In the area of the knee and seat - reinforcing inserts of high-strength fabric. At the bottom and top side seam trousers - zip for easy dressing shoes. The bottom of the pants is regulated in terms of an elastic band and button-patoy button.


Lightweight and compact outfit with an elaborate ergonomic sporty cut and adjustable fit. Made of fabric with water-repellent finish. Fast drying, supports excellent breathability, is highly water resistant under all load conditions.

5) The suit Wind-Weatherproof VKBO ( "membrane")

Composition: 100% polyamide, waterproof windproof membrane

Waterproof: 10,000 mm water.st.

Weight: 834 grams

The structure consists of a suit jacket and pants vetrovodozaschitnaya vetrovodozaschitnye. Hooded Jacket, central zipper on the side Two-way zipper and hook and loop fastener double-vetrovodozaschitnomu valve. The width of the bottom of the jacket is regulated by a rubber cord and clamps. Ventilation holes in the chest area to access internal pockets zippered. The jacket is reinforced high-strength fabric in loktey.Bryuki with zipper on the button and zipper. Belt width is adjustable elastic cord with clamps. Possible to mount removable suspenders of the demi suit. At the bottom of the side seams on trousers - zipper for easy dressing shoes. The width of the pants at the bottom regulated patoy with hook and loop fastener. Pants reinforced plates of high-strength fabric in the seat and knees.


The suit is designed specifically for operation in adverse weather conditions (heavy rain). Made of 'breathable' fabric with a windproof and waterproof membrane. All seams on trousers and jacket are taped, and it provides additional protection from getting wet while retaining the 'dry' heat under clothes

6) Suit winter VKBO

Composition: 100% polyamide, silicone encapsulation. Insulation Primaloft 200 g / m2

The structure includes insulated suit jacket insulation, insulated polukombenizon and compression bag. The jacket with a hood, an adjustable rubber cord for the oval face, the central board Two-way zipper on the zipper. Spacious side pockets with zippers, two inner pockets, on the sleeves are provided for securing gloves.

on the bottom of the sleeve width is adjustable patoy on the hook and loop fastener, the width of the bottom of the jacket - with a rubber cord and clamps. The jacket is reinforced high-strength fabric in the elbow. Bib with a belt on an elastic braid, with a central zip. The belt trousers - mounting for locking removable suspenders. On lap and insert the seat area of the high-strength fabric. On the side seams up to mid-thigh, with functional zipper on Two-way zippers. The bottom of the pants pulled an elastic band and adjustable in width patoy on hook and loop fastener.


Lightweight and warm suit for extremely cold weather. Through encapsulation silicone repels moisture, protects against snow and wind. Insulation does not absorb moisture, keeping warm. Compact dimensions, can pack a suit in a special compression bag for storage and transportation.

7) Underwear wicking lightweight short

Composition: 100% polyester

The areal density of 125 + 6 g / m2

Weight: 185 grams

Linen is made from high quality knitted polyester fabric.


Bi-component structure of polyester fibers allows you to quickly remove moisture from the body, evenly distributed over the surface of the web, providing quick drying. Flat seams prevent the appearance of irritation on the skin.

8) Underwear wicking lightweight long

Composition: 100% polyester

The areal density of 125 + 6 g / m2

Weight: 281 grams

The set includes sweatshirt and pants long. Sweatshirt with extended back and long sleeves. At the bottom of the sleeve hole for the thumb. The pants of high quality knitted polyester fabric with double gusset-codpiece


Excellent breathable, wicking underwear. The fabric dries very quickly, removing the moisture in the outer layers.

9) Underwear fleece

Composition: 93% polyester, 7% elastane

Surface density: 230 + 11 g / m2

Weight: 516 grams

The set includes sweatshirt and pants Fleece. Sweatshirt with stand-up collar and long sleeves. Buckle on webbing zipper with wind-proof valve in the neck. At the bottom of sleeves - hole for the thumb. The pants are made from knitted fabric - fleece with selective fleece on the reverse side, with double gusset - codpiece.


Bi-component structure of polyester fibers allows you to quickly remove moisture from the body, evenly distributed over the surface of the web, providing quick drying.

10) Fleece Jacket

Composition: 100% polyester fleece

Air permeability: 900 mm / s

Weight: 529 grams

Jacket fleece knitted fabric (with double-sided fleece) with a central board zipper with inner wind-guard flap and stand-up collar and two interior pockets. The outer collar - finishing of fabrics. Also finishing of fabrics made shoulder and elbow pads. For better temperature control and heat transfer jacket has side panels of fleece on the reverse side.


Bi-component structure of polyester fibers allows you to quickly remove moisture from the body, evenly distributed over the surface of the web, providing quick drying. It is recommended to use the jacket as the insulated layer with Demi, vetrovodozaschitnym or warmed costumes depending on the weather conditions and the level of physical activity.

11) Cap VKBO

Composition: 65% cotton, 35% polyester

Mosquito treatment


Easy and convenient cap with mosquito treatment. Mosquito processing fabric top surface of the insecticides 'Permethrin' provides effective protection against insects (mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, midges and other blood-sucking). The protective properties of the fabric are resistant to repeated washings. It has a pocket for storing documents during water crossings.

12) Winter hat VKBO

Composition: 100% polyamide.

Encapsulation silicone.

Insulation Primaloft 200 g / m2

Tkan top - windproof with a water-repellent finish. Facial details visor nazatylnika with headphones podlitsevye valve components - faux fur lining - fleece.


Lightweight and warm hat protects from the cold and wind head and ears. Multiple mounting positions of the ears hat.

13) Balaclava VKBO

Composition: 70% wool and 30% polyamide

Balaclava khaki. It is designed to protect the head (face) in cold weather. Also balaclava can be used as a cap.


Anatomically shaped Balaclava provides complete protection of the head and neck in the cold and windy weather. Due to the high content of wool has a high heat-insulating properties and water absorption.

14) Scarf

Composition: 100% polyester fleece

The scarf is made in the form of the breastplate. Top scarf regulated by elastic cord and locking.


Protects against the cold neck and lower face. It can be transformed into a cap by an elastic cord utjazhki top of the scarf.

15) Warm Mittens

Composition: 100% polyamide, silicone encapsulation, fleece, Primaloft insulation 200 g / m2

Warm gloves to be attached to the jacket sleeves insulated suit. Easily drag on for size with the help of wide straps and buckles at the wrist. Removable insulation fleece.


Lightweight and compact mitts. Fabric top repels moisture, protects against snow and wind.

Insulation does not absorb moisture, keeping warm.

Designed for use in extreme cold.

16) Gloves

Composition: 50% wool, 50% Acrylic

17) VKBO Belt

18) Russian army Baul VKBO (Bag)

Composition: 100% polyamide with polyurethane coating

storage and transportation system set VKBO. Volume baula governed by a cord and a plastic retainer. Provided pocket for business cards, short handles for carrying in your hand and shoulder straps with shock-absorbing pads.


Versatile and durable trunk is made of polyester fabric with a protective coating of polyurethane. It can be used for storage and transport as the outfits VKBO and any other products.