Filters production Briz-Kama do not contain carcinogen nickel chloride NiCl2

Breeze series filters are used for cleaning polluted air inhaled by a person from the fumes and gases hazardous chemicals (anti-gas filters) or by aerosol and vapor (gas) of hazardous chemicals (Combined filters). Used in the composition of industrial filter masks. Filters can be attached directly to the front part or by a connection pipe (Corrugated).

The area of application filters defined marks (A, B, E, K, P, AH, Hg, SX, NO) and protection class (1, 2, 3). For example "Filter A1 for PPM-88" (marks A, Class 1)

Filter housings have a cylinder shape.

  • class 1: cylinder height - 96 mm diameter - 108 mm, weight - no more than 300 grams;
  • class 2: the height of the cylinder - 113 mm diameter - 109 mm, weight - no more than 400 grams;
  • class 3: height of the cylinder - 152 mm diameter - 110 mm, weight - no more than 650 g
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