UniClick pouches

Uniclick is a universal modular system for attaching pouches.

The evolution of tactical science made new demands for the equipment of the combat unit. The tasks entrusted to both military formations and individual fighters required an individual approach to their equipment. At the same time, the growth of the total troop strength, which required more and more means to equip, forced universalization of used equipment, since the mass production allowed to reduce the cost of a separate set.

The optimal solution to the conflict of individuality and mass character was the emergence of modular, that is, composite, equipment systems, the carrier platform formed and the elements fixed on it. From now on, even a separate fighter, by selecting a set of available components, could be equipped in full accordance with his needs and physical capabilities. And now, having lowered the other details, we will concentrate our attention on the ways of fastening the elastic elements of the equipment on the platform, leaving aside the most archaic samples, as well as the variants that have not been widely used.

What are the advantages of Uniclick over other systems?

Versatility. As a platform for attaching Uniclick equipment, ALICE, PALS (MOLLE) systems, belts with a width of 25 mm, including domestic army belts with a width of 50 mm, belts of the PLCE system can serve. And this is subject to the uncompromising rigidity of the fastening provided by a wide range of strapping strap regulation.

Economical and practical. For the pouches built for this system the manufacturer does not need to develop and produce special carrier platforms, and the consumer does not have to spend money to purchase them. You do not need to change or convert an expensive tactical modular bulletproof vest or a comfortable high-quality backpack. You have the freedom to choose the carrier modular equipment of the manufacturer, which will optimally satisfy your desires and possibilities.

Simplicity of design. The simpler the system, the more reliable and reliable it is. This axiom familiar to any designer is fully correlated with the Uniclick system. There's just nothing to break. The reliability of the system is determined only by the strength of the materials used and the quality of the seams.

Ease of use. To secure the pouches, equipped with a Uniclick mount on any of the above platforms, you do not need anything else (adapters, adapters or clips), except for the actual pouch

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