Trading and production company LLC SPOSN. The company was founded in 1997 and continues its dynamic development at present.

The main activity of the production company is the development and production of special military and police equipment, field uniforms and equipment of high quality level, corresponding to the professional standard.

We sell goods that we produce ourselves!

For many years the company SPOSN LLC has been developing and improving its own production. Our production facilities are specialized workshops, equipped with modern equipment and serviced by qualified personnel.

Each of our products goes a long way from design and design, through laboratory and field testing, to the experimental, and then to serial production. Modelers and designers of the MTR conduct long-term work with drawings and templates, before the prototypes of products arrive at the experimental work. After our products begin to be produced serially and go on sale, we carefully study user feedback and collect information on all the features and nuances in their operation. Thus, the vast majority of our products are spent and perfect products, the consumer qualities of which have been checked by time. Nevertheless, we, as a production company, do not stand still, and we are introducing new materials and technologies into our innovative developments.