Unloading vests, pouches, and other equipment from the Russian company Tehinkom. Tehinkom company that produces vests 6sh112, 6sh116, 6sh117, as well as bulletproof vests.

NPF "TECHINKOM" is engaged in the production of personal armor protection. The main directions are bulletproof vests, armored panels of the highest level (5a, 6a classes in accordance with GOST R 50744-95), which ensure human protection in a combat situation from bullets of small arms, incl. increased penetration and armor-piercing under sniper and machine-gun fire. The tactical and technical characteristics of these products differ for the better in comparison with most similar foreign products. A successful direction is also the development and production of advanced tactical combat equipment intended for use in units of law enforcement agencies involved in counter-terrorism activities and performing special tasks autonomously on various theater.

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