Clip 2M MOLLE 60 mm V.2

  • Clip 2M MOLLE 60 mm V.2
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Clip for attaching pouches. This model is designed to fit ALICE and PALS / MOLLE compatible pouches for 50 mm or 58 mm strap / lanyard. The designation "60 mm" is the size in the height of the area covered by the fastened clip

The new generation of clips has been redesigned to improve reliability. Joint project of SPLAV and DUE EMME companies

The clip was developed and manufactured by DUE EMME (Italy), which is a supplier of fittings for the armed forces of a number of European countries, and made in Italy
An analogue of the well-known MALICE (Tactical Tailor) clip, surpasses the latter in workmanship and ease of use (smooth shapes catch less, the clip lock does not require the use of a screwdriver-type tool)
The product is made of a rubber-based thermoplastic material with great strength, flexibility and durability over a wide temperature range
Clip lock can be easily fastened / unfastened with your fingers
Due to the rounded shape, the clip is very easy to thread into the fastening cells
On the half of the clip facing the pouch there is a row of holes. They are needed to fix the clip on a suspended object using screws or rivets (for example, in the absence of any fastening elements on the back wall of the pouch)
Differences of the second generation of clips:

More viscous material composition prevents cracking during bending
Narrow sections at the base of the lock are reinforced with sagging to protect against breakage
Two small stops inside the lock are made more massive for secure locking
The upper edge of the lock is made more angular so that if the pouch is installed on the belts, the lock does not slip under the cells on the rear wall of the pouch (see photo in the catalog)
The SPLAV TACTICAL GEAR logo is applied to the clip
Attention! For reliable and rigid fixation of the pouch on its back wall, the following must be present:

In the case of the ALICE system and similar - at least ONE horizontal row of 50 mm or 58 mm slings
In the case of PALS / MOLLE - at least TWO horizontal rows of 25 mm lines, sewn one after the other
In the case of UniClick - at least FIVE horizontal rows of 11 mm lines sewn one after the other
Installation instructions:

Insert the clip from bottom to top under all the indicated cells on the back of the pouch (the clip lock should rest against the lowest cell), while the clip should bend away from the pouch
Use the remaining end of the clip to install the pouch as in the usual PALS / MOLLE or UniClick system
Insert the tip of the clip into the lock parallel to its plane, until it clicks into place. The pouch is installed
To unfasten the lock, pull the tip down and slightly towards you, then it will jump off the hook on the lock

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