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Combat Shirt SPLAV

Categories: SPLAV Shirts

The shirt is designed for use in hot weather in conjunction with a bullet-proof vest. The body is made of thin sweat knitwear and has no unnecessary interfering details (pockets, etc.), and the sleeves are made of standard durable blend fabric. Attention! This shirt does not have flame retardant properties (FR)

  • COOLMAX® knit fabric with a cooling effect, high elasticity in two directions. Good resistance to abrasion compared to many analogues used in combat shirts (UBACS, FROG, MASSIF ACS, etc.)
  • This implies a tight fit. Worn over the head, worn tucked
  • The body is fitted, with a margin of length, the back is elongated - it does not crawl out of the pants with active movement.
  • Stand-up collar with a zipper, to the back of the head height increases gradually. Knitted lining for comfort and sweat. The zipper is covered from the inside along the entire length of the strap with a knitted lining, the top is bent outwards to protect the chin
  • Raglan sleeve - there are no seams on the shoulders, freedom of movement with arms is not constrained. Articulating bend over the arm
  • Strengthening the elbows with the lugs of a convex anatomical form made of NYCO fabric with an anti-abrasive coating on the basis of PVC on its surface in the form of pimples. Pimples noticeably increase the abrasion resistance of the fabric and prevent the elbows from sliding when resting on smooth surfaces.
  • Ability to install under the reinforcement elbows elbow pads D3O or similar foam inserts of its own production (included). The input for inserting / removing inserts is on the wrong side of the sleeve and does not use velcro used for these purposes. This protects the pad from debris and sand getting inside and makes the insertion more secure.
  • On the shoulders pockets on a vertical tractor zipper. Pockets are voluminous, with pleats at the bottom and at the back. Large Velcro for mounting chevrons. At the bottom of the wound loops for drainage of water
  • Includes two plugs for large velcro cuffs of pocket pockets - mating velcro sheathed with basic fabric of the suit. The cap closes a single-colored velcro of a large area, which stands out against the background of the fabric, especially in camouflage design
  • Underarm insert large area of knitwear for ventilation and sweat removal
  • Velcro cuffs. Minimum extra layers of fabric on wrists for comfort in hot weather.
  • Velcro for reliability sewn not only around the perimeter, but additionally along the diagonals or a seam in the middle. The loaded sides of all stickies are stitched in two or three passes.
  • Comfortable laces on all zippers
  • The main seams - on knitwear are flat (protect against rubbing), on NYCO fabric - a four-thread overlock with additional stitching for durability, and zigzag tacks in the loaded places


  • The main material - NYCO Rip-stop, 50% cotton, 50% nylon
  • Strengthening - NYCO Rip-stop, 50% cotton, 50% nylon, with anti-abrasive coating based on PVC
  • Knitwear - 83% COOLMAX® polyester, 17% elastane
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