Delivery Dates (IMPORTANT)

With the introduction of self-isolation in Russia (Coronovirus), questions about the large delays in parcels, both international and domestic, have become more frequent. The post says that everything is going according to plan and continues to receive international parcels, but does not send them anywhere!

- From mid-March, Europe began to massively close borders, airports and communications between countries.

- Since March 18, the air communication between the Russian Federation and the USA has been canceled!

- Since March 30, the Russian Federation has closed the border for all types of transport: AVIA, railway, automobile and pedestrian, including with the Republic of Belarus. All checkpoints are closed. There are only special flights and freight service left

- Kaliningrad is experiencing difficulties due to the cessation of railway traffic from the Russian Federation. Many argue that ground mail is transported by barges once every three weeks and by trucks with long delays.

As a result of this, international flights were reduced by 87%, and domestic flights by 93%, and to some regions by 100%. Only flights from Sheremetyevo are available for 3 airlines from China and Aeroflot!

 Please DO NOT order goods from us if you are not ready to wait 2-3 months for delivery ....

2. Be patient, you can order now and wait 2 months, or you can wait 2 months when the epidemic goes into decline and the mail starts working and they deliver to you in 2 weeks, choose you.