Intermediary in the purchase of...

- You want to buy goods in Russia ...

  • But you can not find it ... on the Internet ... in the store next door ... or somewhere else.
  • But the store or person from whom you want to buy, does not send abroad.
  • Or you want to buy, but are afraid that you will be deceived by scammers.
  • You want to buy, but the price is too high for export, and you want to get a good price, as if you were buying in Russia in a regular store, like an ordinary Russian buyer.
  • You are not satisfied with the delivery or payment options ....
  • You need to check or repack the product before shipping.
  • You made a film about Russia or the USSR and you need an urgent requisite (oh yeah, we did that too)

We can help you, we can act as intermediaries between you and the seller (shop or person).

Send a link to the product, or just a text request, leave your email, viber, whatsup, facebook (any contact information).
Within 1-2 days we will contact you, calculate the cost, recommend another seller, if this is suspicious, discuss the conditions, make an order for you, pack and ship to you.

Why us?
- We work with foreign countries for more than 5 years (we have Powerseller on ebay)
- We are a legal entity that obeys the laws of our country. we are not the only person who can get sick or just drop everything tomorrow and go to rest.
- we work both with individuals and with organizations, if needed we can help to carry out the transaction.
- Accept Paypal, debt and credit card, payoneer (for organizations) (your order is protected) in case the package is lost, you get a refund
- We have a representative in Vietnam, the United States and the United Kingdom. In some cases, we may use an additional person in this country who will receive our package and give it to you.
- High-quality packaging (your package is always securely packed), we know what it is to receive, broken contents, from an unscrupulous seller ... Therefore, we are doing everything possible to avoid it.

You can send your request right now and we will reply to you.