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Medical First-aid kit pouch V.2 SPLAV

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Categories: SPLAV, Medical

Tags: SPLAV, pouch, first-aid kit, medical pouch

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A first aid kit (medicines are not included) with the ability to quickly detach from the unloading system for more convenient access to contents, use separately in an emergency, and also as an independent product, carried inside backpacks and bags. Also, the pouch can be used as an organizer of medium size.


  • Mount: two built-in clips. For mounting on the classic PALS / MOLLE system, three cells are required in width and from two to three horizontal rows of cells in height
  • The product consists of two parts - a platform and a pouch. The platform is attached to the unloading system, and the pouch is fixed on the platform with a wide Velcro and is additionally wrapped in a vertical sling with fastex
  • All sections of fabric and slings are hidden under the seams or edged for reliability and a neat appearance


  • Shape - rectangular base, passing into the trapezoidal valve from above
  • A PALS / MOLLE mount is sewn on the back of the platform base. The width of the base is minimal (exactly three PALS cells), and therefore the first-aid kit takes a minimum of space on the unloading system, without interfering with the installation of neighboring pouches
  • At the back of the base in the middle is a pocket for carrying standard scissors for cutting clothes. Scissors are inserted from above. To hold them, use a clasp on a metal button threaded into the scissor rings
  • In front of the base, a large wide Velcro hook is sewn for attaching the first-aid kit
  • The valve covers the pouch from above, protecting the zipper and contents from water and dirt.
  • Adjustable fastura Duraflex®, reliably holds a cartridge pouch, allows to tightly pull away contents of different volume
  • On top of the valve are two PALS cells, on which you can attach a tourniquet (using an elastic cord, special fasteners or a pouch)
  • A 5 × 5 cm cross is sewn on the front of the valve for identification. It is made of thin Hyalon (rubberized material) by laser cutting, and has a protective color contrasting with respect to the main fabric. For coloring fabrics Oliva, Digital Flora, Multipat, Moss a black cross is used, for Black fabric colors a green cross is used


  • It is clasped on a large two-castle lightning with paracord grips instead of metal tongues (silently and reliably). The zipper is unfastened to the bottom, providing easy access to all content
  • The zipper of the pouch can be unfastened in one jerk, for which a strap-grip is sewn on top of the inside of the front wall. This sling must first be pulled out through a slightly unzipped zipper. If possible, it is recommended not to use this function, this will reduce the load on the zipper and reduce the risk of dirt getting inside the pouch.
  • A reciprocal Velcro-loop for fixing on the platform is sewn on the back. Velcro is soft and does not spoil the surrounding materials and objects (you can carry the pouch separately inside backpacks and bags)
  • A convenient sling handle is sewn from the top of the back wall to quickly tear the pouch off the platform. The corners of the handle are stitched, which allows you to maintain a rigid shape (it is important for working with a first-aid kit to the touch, the handle always remains in the same place). The handle is covered on top with a platform valve
  • At the bottom of the eyelet for water drainage, at the bottom of the bottom two cells of 20 mm rubber for fastening medicines

Rear half pouch:

  • A loop of braid is sewn on top for hanging a flashlight and other items
  • A large flat pocket with an entrance from above at the full height of the pouch, on top of it is a volume pocket (for example, for large IPPs). On top of these pockets are sewn two rows of 20 mm elastic bands forming a cell. Elastic bands protect contents of pockets from falling out and serve for fastening of objects over pockets
  • Two “wings” are symmetrically sewn on the sides — the side compartments, each of which is a flat pocket, over which a second layer of pockets is sewn — one voluminous (convenient for small bandages, IPPs and harnesses), the other narrow and flat, for elongated objects (marker for recording the time of applying the tourniquet, decompression needle for pneumothorax). Over the pockets of the side compartment sewn cells of 20 mm elastic bands. Being filled, when the pouch is unzipped, the side compartments open to the side and provide convenient access to all contents

Front half pouch:

  • Large flat pocket
  • Vertical slings are sewn over the pocket, through which an elastic cord will pass, forming several pairs of loops. The position of the loops and their tension can be adjusted by threading the cord into the appropriate cells and pulling it with the Duraflex® retainer. This system is very convenient for fastening across the pouch of bulk objects such as tourniquets, bandages, IPPs. The cord, unlike the usual wide elastic, is much stronger, adjustable and maintainable
  • Slings: 100% Nylon
  • Threads: Liberty® (Netherlands) bonded nylon filament
  • Material:Cordura® 500d (100% Nylon), Oxford 210d (100% Nylon), Hypalon ORCA® (Belgium)
  • Hardware: Duraflex
  • Velcro: Alfatex® (Belgium)
  • Zippers: SBS®
  • Cord: Paracord 550, 100% Nylon
  • Weight: 280g
  • Pouch size separately: 20 × 14 × 7 cm
  • Platform Width: 12 cm


Condition new
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