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Original USSR army Plash Palatka (rain coat)

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Categories: USSR

Tags: plashpalatka, army tent, plash palatka, rain coat

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The ancestor of the raincoat-tents can be considered the cloak-epanchi, which were used in the Russian army since the time of Peter I. The epanchi with a collar-hood appeared in 1761. Cloak-tents began to be actively used as part of military equipment in the second half of the 19th century. In Russia, a waterproof cape entered the standard outfit of officers in 1894. In the Soviet period, Russia was introduced in 1936 to supply the command and rank-and-file personnel (fighters) of the rifle units of the Red Army in 1936, the raincoat-tent set included:

Cloak tent

The device is a raincoat tent.
The raincoat-tent in the Armed Forces of the USSR (also in the countries of the Internal Affairs Directorate) and in Russia is a canvas cloth measuring 180x180 centimeters, leather eyelets are sewn in the corners, designed to stretch the raincoat on stakes or on rope extensions (in the forest, under trees). There are wooden buttons (“pegs”) on both sides of the canvas cloth, and on the other two there are seamed loops. Thus, several raincoats can be combined into one large piece of cloth.

On the shoulders of the soldier, the raincoat-tent is held with the help of a knotted braid, movably sewn into the upper corner. Also, a second movable band is sewn into the upper corner of the raincoat-tent, designed to form a hood and fix it around the face. To prevent the bottom corner of the raincoat from dragging along the ground and interfering with walking, it is fastened by means of a grommet to a wooden "peg" located almost in the center of the panel.

For the release of one hand in the cloth of the raincoat-tent there is one slot, fastened from the inside on a wooden "stump". The other hand is released outward between the floors of the raincoat-tent. A cape-tent worn over the shoulders can also be fastened.


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