​​​​​Payment and shipping



We accept payment through PayPal, a well-known, trusted, and secure way to make payments over the Internet.

Making a payment to us through PayPal is easy. You can use your existing PayPal account or pay by credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account. Find out more information by going to the PayPal web site at www.paypal.com/.

When making a payment you are temporarily transferred from our site to the secure PayPal web site. No financial information, passwords, credit card numbers or personal information other than your name, email address, and shipping address is received by us.

Although PayPal is extremely secure, we are not responsible for protecting the personal information you share with them. You are encouraged to read the related PayPal policies carefully.

After completing your payment you are presented with a link which will allow you to return to our site, finalize or cancel the transaction, and view or download an invoice.

Payment by credit card 

Reliable payment solutions for e-commerce enterprises around the world

We provide flexible high-tech payment solutions to companies doing business on the Internet. We have wide experience in integration and customization of payment solutions for websites and mobile apps.

We know how to arrange payments on the website of any commercial organization to increase the convenience of using and to achieve the highest possible percent of successful transactions. Our services are already used by more than three thousand companies around the world — and we are happy to share our experience with new clients.

Key regions of our company — the CIS, Eastern Europe, Central Asia. Also, our clients work in Western Europe, North America and Asia major subregions. PayOnline offices are located in Russia and in the Republic of Cyprus.

We understand the needs of our merchants and provide them with payment solutions that are fully consistent with the objectives of their business. For seven years, every day we have been developing cutting-edge payment solutions and customer service.

For online payment, you can use bank cards MIR, Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro. If your card is signed to 3D-Secure, the authorization of your payment will be made using a one-time password.

Entering and processing of confidential payment data is made on the side of the processing center. No one, even the seller, can receive the bank card details entered by the client, which guarantees full security of his money and personal data.
After successful payment, an electronic receipt is sent to the e-mail of the payer, confirming the payment and containing its unique identifier.

To pay by credit card, please fill in the short payment form: 

1. choose the type of payment system ( Visa, MasterCard); 

2. indicate the card number (16 digits on the front side of the card); 

3. Enter the CVC / CVV number (3 digits that are printed on the back of the card, on the signature strip); 

4. name and surname of the cardholder (in exactly the same way as they are written on the front side of the card) and other necessary personal data; 

5. The validity period of the card, which is written on the front side of the card.

All questions related to the payment process can be asked by specialists of the 24-hour multi-lingual support service PayOnline by phone +7 495 134-07-29 or by writing a letter to support@payonline.ru PayOnline.


✔Shipping outside Russia the is $6-9 for small orders and is slightly higher for medium size orders $19-25, $35-60 for large parcels.

✔ Packages are generally shipped within 1-3 business days after receipt of payment. We will notify you by email if we cannot ship your order within this time frame.All packages are shipped via Russian Post, parcel with airmail and service with Tracking is included at no extra charge. We do not offer shipping insurance at this time.

✔ While special care is taken to protect package contents, your package will be shipped at your own risk.

✔ The average time of parcel delivery 14-45 days.

*For buyers from the United States. Despite the fact that we send by airmail, sometimes there may be delays parcels. Please do not worry, in rare cases, there may be delays for a period of 50-60 days.


If you need part or full refund, please, write to our email. We will return monies on your plastic card in next 2-3 business days.