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Russian original suit Gorka-1 SPLAV (trouser and jacket)


Simple and functional tarpaulin suit with synthetic reinforcements. Jacket and trousers provide high wear resistance, protection from wind and rain. A free cut allows you to pry warm layers under the suit and gives greater freedom of movement.

Categories: SPLAV Gorka suit


Loose fit allowing for wearing over warm thermal underwear and a fleece jacket

All external pockets on large Canadian buttons, the most reliable and gorgeous

All other fasteners on comfortable American-style lenticular buttons

Center closure - buttoned button closure

Synthetic fabric reinforced shoulders

Reinforcing elbows with large synthetic overlays. Installation of protective inserts is not provided.

Non-visibility hood with a small soft visor. On the inside, a hanger is sewn into the base of the collar. Adjustable in two dimensions:

The tightening around the oval of the face with an elastic cord with clamps. Extra ends of the cord are brought out of the base of the collar for quick adjustment
Volume tightening with an elastic cord with a latch on the back of the head (side view adjustment)
The cuffs and forearm are pulled in by a fixed, unregulated 20 mm elastic band. Cuffs made of reinforcing synthetic fabric.


Capacious Canadian cargo button bottom pockets with tilted entry
Sleeve pockets on the Canadian button, voluminous, inclined at a convenient angle
Inner flat pocket with velcro closure on top, on the left side of the chest
The waist and bottom jackets with elastic cords and clips, the extra ends of the cords are passed through special loops


Loose fit

All external pockets on large Canadian buttons, the most reliable and gorgeous

All other fasteners on comfortable American-style lenticular buttons

Reinforced synthetic seat pad

Knee reinforcements made of synthetic fabric. Installation of protective inserts is not provided.

Wide belt loops. The belt closes with a button and is pulled by the integrated wide elastic band and the adjustable flat cord pulled out

Button codpiece

Included are removable suspenders from 40 mm elastic, with height-adjustable Velcro fastening on the sides of the belt. You can unfasten the suspenders from the trousers right on yourself, without taking off your jacket

The bottom of the trousers and the calf area are pulled by the built-in unregulated 20 mm elastic bands. The inside of the bottom of the trousers is reinforced with overlays made of synthetic fabric.

Anthers of thin mixed fabric are sewn inside. Flat seams of minimum thickness are used, with only one vertical seam (in front). This ensures comfort when refueling anthers in boots with high berets. Sewn on 20 mm rubber bands at the bottom


Side pockets with open entrance
Capacious cargo pockets on the Canadian button. For ease of access, the pockets are slightly forward and tilted.

Main fabric - tarpaulin (100% cotton), density 277 g / m2, water-repellent impregnation
Reinforcement - 100% polyester rip-stop, density 194 g / m2, water-repellent impregnation
Lining of trousers - thin mixed fabric (35% cotton, 65% polyester), density 120 g / m2

1 kg
We ship by air mail from Russia.