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Russian Self-rescuer SIP-1 100% protection

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Categories: Mask

Tags: gasmask, SIP-1, self-rescue

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Unique breathing apparatus .... Unlike a conventional gas mask, it does not filter air, it provides absorption of CO2 exhaled by you and releases oxygen. This means that no matter how polluted the atmosphere is (poison, radioactive dust, smoke, CO, low oxygen content), you have at least 20 minutes to leave the contaminated area.

production date 06.2016

Shelf life up to 06.2021
In the photo, the opened SIP-1, YOU get completely sealed, NEW. ready-to-use self-rescuer.
Intended:• for individual protection of the respiratory organs and people's eyes from toxic combustion products, when self-evacuating their premises during a fire or during other emergency situations requiring the use of personal protective equipment, a self-rescuer of general purpose.• to protect the respiratory organs, face and eyes of the adult population of the country, including the personnel of non-military formations of civil defense from any harmful admixture in the air, regardless of its concentration, namely:- from the poisons of the probable enemy,- from radiation dust,- from biological aerosols- from accidentally chemical hazardous substances and accidentally chemical hazardous substances of inhalation action
Can be used to work in conditions of lack of oxygen in the air in all climatic regions (belts) in the temperature range from minus 10 ° C to plus 60 ° C.
The self-rescuer SIP-1 is designed in accordance with the requirements:• GOST R 53260-2009 (Fire-fighting equipment, self-rescue isolators with chemically bound oxygen to protect people from toxic combustion products during evacuation from smoke-filled premises during a fire.) General technical requirements, test methods).• GOST R 12.4.220-2012 Personal respiratory protective equipment. Isolating self-rescuers with chemically connected or compressed oxygen. Technical requirements. Test methods. Marking. Rules for sampling.
protection of the head against short-term exposure to open flames;quick transfer to working condition;the possibility of verbal communication between people;visibility of identification marks;The possibility of evacuation through hatches and narrow passages.Available ready for use and does not require individual adjustment. It is a single-use protection.
The hood of the self-rescuer is made of a hard-to-fire hermetic material with a heat-reflecting coating, resistant to short-term exposure to open flames and high temperatures. The hood material withstands the action of surfactants.
Distinctive features of the design of this self-rescuer is the location of the respiratory bag around the user's neck and the presence of a relief-independent overpressure valve. The arrangement of the bag around the neck makes the self-rescuer compact, allows you to carry cargo or property, or people who have lost consciousness.
SIP-1 unique, unique in the world, protecting the neck and shoulders from any combustible and poisonous mixtures (sprays, sparks, etc.).
Relief-independent valve "bleeds" part of the gas-air mixture, allowing to avoid barotrauma, with sharp bumps or squeezing the respiratory bag (for example, if it is necessary to pass through narrow hatches, semi-closed doors, etc.).
Time of protective action during evacuation, min. - 20when in rest, not less than, min. - 60Resistance to breathing during pulmonary ventilation 35 dm3 / min, Pa, not less than 800Volume fraction of carbon dioxide on inhalation and in the respiratory bag,% (vol.), No more than - 3Volume fraction of oxygen in respirable gas respiratory mixture,%, not less than 20The temperature of the inhalation from the self-rescuer GDS for pulmonary ventilation is 35 dm3 / min and ambient temperatures (25 + -2) 0С, not more than 50Mass of the working part of the self-rescuer, kg, no more than 2,0Guaranteed shelf life, years 5


Condition new
Weight 2.2 kg


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