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Set of 2 magazine pouches for Saiga/Vepr SPLAV

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A set of 2 universal pouches for saiga / vepr smooth-bore gun mags of various calibers. Replaces several older Velcro models. It has a customizable volume tightening and removable Velcro adjustable height valves. It is possible to use pouches without valves for quick access to mags. Structurally, it is an analogue pouch for 2 mage. AK Velcro adjustable.

  • Mount: Third generation UniClick system. Four built-in clips. For mounting on the classic PALS / MOLLE system, five cells are required in width and from two to three horizontal rows of cells in height. In this pouch, the clips are narrowed (20 mm) for easier installation
  • The peculiarity of this unit of two pouches is that when installed on the platform, it practically does not interfere with neighboring empty PALS cells on each side, while two separate pouches for saiga / Vepr mags partially overlap neighboring cells, making it difficult to place the rest of the equipment
  • Attention! Compatible with the following mags:
  • 12 gauge - 8 rounds
  • 410 caliber - 10 rounds
  • 20 gauge - 8 and 10 rounds
  • The cross section of each pouch in the unit is pulled by a large elastic cord with adjustable Duraflex® retainer. The cord is much more reliable in terms of wear than an ordinary wide elastic band, it can be adjusted or completely removed, it is repairable. Thanks to the tightening, the pouch can hold the magazine even without a fastened valve
  • A piece of plastic is sewn into the front wall of the pouch between two layers of fabric. They maintain the shape of the pouch and markedly facilitate the insertion and removal of the mag. In addition, hard plastic does not allow a strongly stretched elastic cord to deform the front wall, which could complicate the introduction of the mag inside
  • Velcro pouch. The velcro on the pouch itself is longer than on the valve, to facilitate the adjustment of the pouch for a specific mag
  • The valve is fastened with Velcro from the inside to the back wall of the pouch. The fastening place can be selected by height, thus adjusting the height of the pouch in the buttoned up form (for different types of mags)
  • The fastened valve is additionally held by a horizontal sling in the upper part of the cartridge pouch; it plays the role of an anti-tear element. Also, under this line you can fill the end of the valve in order to quickly put the pouch into quick access to mags, it will not interfere. Both ends of the valve are narrowed for easier insertion under the sling
  • In the center of the valve, 25 mm Velcro is sewn from the inside, allowing you to fold and fasten the valve to yourself if it is not used (quick access to mags)
  • Narrow slings are sewn along the edges of the valve from the inside, preventing the top of the mag from slipping sideways from under the valve, as well as stiffening the edges of the valve
  • The pouch is made entirely of two layers of Cordura® 500d fabric
  • All edges of the fabric are hidden under the seams or edged for reliability and a neat appearance
  • All ends of UniСlick slings are hidden under the edging or seams
  • All Velcro is sewn in two passes around the perimeter for reliability. Wide Velcro is additionally stitched diagonally in two passes
  • At the bottom there are eyelets for water drainage.
  • Slings: 100% Nylon
  • Threads: Liberty® (Netherlands) bonded nylon filament
  • Material: Cordura® 500d (100% Nylon)
  • Weight: 267g
  • Hardware: Duraflex®
  • Velcro: Alfatex® (Belgium)
  • Size (HxWxT): 25 × 20 × 3.5 cm (height is given for 8 saiga / Vepr-12 charging mag)


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