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Shingle (magazine pouch) for 8 or 10 rounds Saiga/Vepr magazine SPLAV

Tags: SPLAVpouch

Shingle for 8 and 10 rounds Saiga-12 or Vepr-12 mags.

  • Mounting: UniClick third generation system. Two built-in clips. For attaching to the classical PALS / MOLLE system, two cells are required in width and two to three horizontal rows of cells in height
  • Attention! The top lanyard on the back wall of the pouch, contrasting with the color of the rest of the UniClick sling, does not participate in the installation of the pouch, but is used to fasten the fastener of the pouch
  • The pouch is designed for a tight fit of the mag. It is recommended to place the magazine cover up
  • Removable adjustable clasp of a 4 mm elastic cord and a hold on the top of the mag. To remove the magazine, it is necessary to take the hold to the side. The length of the cord is adjusted by means of a knot on the back wall of the pouch (the cord clamps the contrast strap). The length of the cord with a margin that takes into account the height of the 10 rounds Saiga-12 magazine or Vepr-12 and the convenience of tying. Hypalon heavy-duty material (similar to Cordura® 1060d, laminated on both sides with artificial rubber), preventing slipping of the hold against the mag and fingers
  • In this pouch, the grip is wider in comparison with automatic counterparts due to the large size of the 12 gauge mags
  • Removable adjustable pull-out of 4 mm elastic cord, wrapping the magazine across. The length of the tightener is adjusted by means of the assembly from the side of the pouch. The length of the cord with a margin that takes into account the convenience of tying. Allows you to firmly hold the mag without using the fastener (for quick access)
  • The front wall of the pocket is made of two layers of Cordura® 500d, between which is a piece of plastic. The plastic supports the shape of the pocket, facilitating the insertion and removal of the magazine, and also does not allow the tightly stretched elastic cord to deform the front wall, which could make it difficult to insert the magazine inside
  • The outer surface is sheathed with PALS cells for attaching additional pouches. On the front surface there are 2 cells in width, 3 rows in height, on each lateral surface 1 cell wide, 3 rows in height. Instead of the slings, a ribbon is used, sewn from several layers of the main fabric (Cordura® 500d). It is not inferior to the usual line of strength and provides a uniform appearance of the pouch, especially in camouflage versions. The PALS cells are arranged so that when a similar shingle is placed over them, both layers of pouches and mags are at the same height
  • The back wall is made of Cordura® 500d fabric with a lining of Hypalon's sturdy non-slip material, which helps to keep the mag without using a fastener if you need a quick access
  • All sections of fabric and lines are edged for reliability and neat appearance
  • At the bottom there is an eyelet for water drainage


  • Slings: 100% nylon
  • Threads: Liberty® (Netherlands) filament nylon bonded
  • Material: Cordura® 500d (100% nylon), Hypalon ORCA® (Belgium)
  • Weight: 133g
133 g

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