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Signal indicator of gamma radiation SIG-RM1208

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The indicator-indicator of gamma radiation SIG RM-1208 is made in the form of a wrist watch. High-strength, sealed, waterproof housing ensures reliable operation of the device in all conditions. RM-1208 is distinguished by its excellent appearance (Swiss made Ronda 763 quartz watch movement). Its modern steel case is water resistant up to 100 meters.

We sell the signaling indicator of gamma radiation SIG RM-1208 at the manufacturer's price.

Purpose of SIG RM-1208:
measurement / indication of the rate of the ambient equivalent dose of gamma radiation Н * (10);
measurement / indication of the ambient equivalent dose of gamma radiation Н * (10).

SIG RM-1208 properties:
sound signaling of exceeding thresholds for dose and dose rate;
the possibility of round-the-clock monitoring of the radiation situation.

SIG RM-1208 delivery set:
signaling devices SIG RM-1208;
verification certificate.

Technical characteristics of SIG RM-1208:
Detector gas discharge counter
Energy range of gamma radiation 0.06-1.5 MeV
Measurement / indication time no more than 360 s (decreases with increasing dose rate)
Measurement / indication range:
dose rate H * (10) 0.1 μSv / h – 4 mSv / h
dose H * (10) 0.001–9999 mSv
Setting range of thresholds for dose rate and dose in the entire measurement / indication range
Thresholds step:
dose rate 0.01; 0.1; 1.0; 10.0; 100 μSv / h
doses H * (10) 0.001; 0.01; 0.1; 1.0; 10.0; 100 μSv
Operating temperature 0 ... +45 ° С
Mechanism of quartz watch RM 1208 Ronda (Switzerland)
Design wrist
Power supply SR 621 SW
Average run time with one element 12 months
Dimensions; weight 50x45x20 mm; 95 g

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