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  • Improved Filter A1 model 3001 A1P1D This is the best version of the popular a1 filter, virus protection model. Suitable for all m40 gas masks GOST 8762-75 Round threating diameter 40 mm for gas-mask with the gauges main dimensions and the tolerances
  • A self-contained self-rescue device, SCSR, self-contained self-rescuer, or air pack is a portable oxygen source for providing breathable air when the surrounding atmosphere lacks oxygen or is contaminated with toxic gases, e.g. carbon monoxide. A SCSR is usually a closed-circuit breathing apparatus with a chemical oxygen generator or a compressed oxygen cylinder and a carbon dioxide absorber.
  • MAG-3 mask is intended to be used as the front part to the Civil PSM filter masks BK BK SCREEN and SCREEN FHI. Included RPE MAG-3 mask supplies clean air to the respiratory organs and simultaneous face and eye protection against harmful substances.
  • The front part is designed for the acquisition of civil gas masks, can be applied as a part of industrial masks and hose breathing apparatus.
  • Of the particle filter "Breeze-1001 (PA-2002)", it is designed for use as a particle filter element in the personal protective equipment of the respiratory system, with standard thread connection according to GOST 12.4.214-99. The filter provides reliable protection of human respiratory aerosols of various nature (dust, smoke, fog) when the total concentration of no more than 15 MACs in accordance with GOST 12.1.005-88 and at an oxygen concentration of at least 17%. The filter corresponds to class efficiency of P1, P2, P3, according to GOST R 12.4.194-99, GOST 12.4.041-2001. The filter can be used for all values ​​of climate parameters of the working area, permissible in accordance with GOST 12.1.005-88.
  • Combined filter "Breeze-3001" A2V2E2K2R3 for cleaning polluted air of aerosol particles of highly toxic substances contained in the dust, smoke and fog, as well as: organic vapors having a boiling point above + 65 ° C; inorganic gases and vapors of substances, with the exception of carbon monoxide; acid gases; ammonia and amines. Hg vapor The filter housing is made of a special plastic and curb particle filter of filter material and an absorbing layer (the charge) of the sorbent. Combined filter "Breeze-3001" A2B2E2K2HgP3 used as part of a filtering mask (full face mask with the). A2B2E2K2HgP3 filter may be connected directly to the mask or via a connecting tube.
  • Russian gas mask PPM-88 only mask(Filter sold separately)
  • Gas filter B1 for purifying air contaminated by inorganic gases and vapors (for example, halogens, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cyanide, cyanogen chloride, carbon disulfide), in addition to carbon monoxide. The filter housing is made of a special plastic and curb absorption layer (the charge) of the sorbent. Gas Filter B1 is used as part of a filtering mask (with a full face mask).
  • This filter has been replaced with a new model https://rusarmyshop.com/4-1-4/ More protection!!!
  • Gas Filter K1 is designed to clean the polluted air from the fumes of ammonia and amines.
  • Russian gas mask PPM-88 only mask(Filter sold separately)
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